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HOA Management Services in Northeast Indiana

Hebron Property Group is a community management company built on the ideals of clear communication and transparency. We are ready to assist you in all aspects of association management ranging from accounting, record keeping, and communication to large project coordination, and legal feedback.

Whatever your association’s size or amenities, Hebron Property Group will help you find the right solution to fit the unique needs of your association.

Volunteers take on a huge responsibility and commitment when volunteering to serve on the board of directors for their community, which can be a time consuming and unnerving task. To run an HOA efficiently, it takes a board of directors with numerous responsibilities and roles. Because most HOA board members have other commitments and may lack the needed experience and knowledge base, Hebron Property Group works to develop and install operating procedures, streamline decision making, manage the day-to-day operations, and expedite action on tasks.

Housing Development

Does Your Community Need a Professional
HOA Management Company?

Not all associations need professional management. Some associations may be small with limited amenities or common areas or have a great set of qualified volunteers, so the cost of full professional community management services may not make sense. We are always happy to talk with your Board to determine if professional management is a reasonable option for your association’s needs.

If you do decide you need a community management company, Hebron will tailor the services provided for your community based on its unique needs. We can divide the tasks as needed by your association based on your board’s varying skills and work schedules.

The focus should constantly be on maintaining property values and a sense of community among neighbors. Hebron puts the needs of your community as a priority, with a focus on clear and transparent communication with all of your community’s stakeholders. It’s important to understand common misconceptions and what to expect from an HOA management company when making your decision.

We are prepared and trained for all aspects of HOA management. We provide clarity to homeowners on rules and regulations, consistency of enforcement, collections, operational procedures, legal knowledge, vendor management, a multitude of communication avenues, and a commitment to managing your neighborhood as we would our own.

The Property Management Services that
Hebron Will Handle Include 

Statistic designs

The financial management portion of HOA management is often the most daunting. Hebron Property Group is an expert in financial administration and offers financial management only packages.

  • Coordinate and manage maintenance tasks

  • Solicit bids for special projects and oversee the completion of projects

  • Receive, advise, and process work order requests per association guidelines

  • Stipulate long-range maintenance programs and advise the board regarding alternative programs as solutions to specific problems

  • Respond to homeowners and other external inquiries during business hours via mail, email, and/or telephone in a timely manner

  • Consultation services: development of association structure, operating procedures, budget and amenities planning and oversight, and organization of HOA meetings

  • Administrative services:

    • Record keeping

    • Development and enforcement of HOA rules and regulations

    • Research of property improvement programs

    • Communication of changes in HOA laws and regulations

    • Attendance at HOA and/or Board of Director meetings

    • Communicate homeowner contacts and complaints and provide input as to prudent courses of action when needed

    • Act as agent for the Board in carrying out directives it deems necessary

Our HOA Financial Services

  • Assist in opening and maintaining bank accounts as directed by the board of directors

  • Monthly bank account reconciliation

  • Review and presentation of monthly financial reports

  • Printing, mailing, and collection of billing statements to all homeowners

  • Budgeting assistance to the board including preparation of a yearly budget, analysis, and monitoring

  • Assist homeowners with billing and account questions

  • Generation and mailing of late letters for delinquent accounts

  • If necessary, a recommendation of legal action regarding unsuccessful bill collection

  • Assistance and cooperation with any outside auditing firm retained by the HOA board of directors.

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