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What is a Community/Homeowner Association?
The purpose of a Community Association is to provide for the maintenance and governance of the community in an effort to protect property values. A Community/Homeowner Association is a legal entity with required membership and binding governing documents. 

What are the CC&R’s?
The CC&R’s or the covenants, conditions, and restrictions are the governing documents for the association. They are filed with the county and transfer with Ownership. 

Do I need approval to make exterior changes to my home?
Yes, you will need approval prior to beginning any exterior project. An application for architectural improvement projects can be found in the homeowner section of this website on the forms page. 

Who are the Board of Directors?
The Board of Directors are a group of volunteers elected by community/association members to oversee the governance of the community. They partner with the community manager in the operations of the community. 

Are Board meetings open to the community/homeowners?
Yes, all Board meetings are open to the community/homeowners for attendance. For information on the next Board meeting for your community, check the community calendar or contact your community manager. ​

What is my assessment rate and how is it determined?
Member assessments fund the operations of your community, i.e., the landscaping, pool, snow removal, etc. Assessment rates vary by community and are determined annually by the Board of Directors through a budget ratification process. You will be notified if assessment rates are changing. 

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