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What are some top characteristics of a professional HOA manager?

You should always expect an HOA manager to meet and exceed expectations in all aspects of association management, have a proven track record of successful management accounts, and to stay up-to-date on the requisite certifications. In particular, a strong, successful HOA property management company will excel in the following areas: 

  • They take care of day-to-day needs with minimal direction. 

  • They guide the Board’s decision-making processes while advocating for your interests. 

  • They are responsive to homeowners, managing group politics, and negotiating agreements among members with differing perspectives.


Effective HOA management companies make a comprehensive investment in you – unlike renters, homeowners tend to stay put, meaning that actions taken by an HOA have long-term implications. A strong property management firm has proven experience, lengthy relationships with clients, and consistent results, as well as superior interpersonal skills and proven methods, to help mediate disputes, emergencies, and enforces the communities policies and interests in improving their neighborhood. Strong, clear communication is integral to success. 

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